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The Alarm Management Handbook

Improve Safety and Reduce Unplanned Shutdowns with Improved Alarm Management

PAS, now part of Hexagon, has been defining best practices and gathering valuable information on alarm management for over a decade. Our experience spans literally hundreds of companies and installations, as well as hosting courses on alarm management worldwide.

The Alarm Management Handbook provides a field-proven methodology for improving the performance of Industrial facility’s alarm systems. It derives from over a decade of research and the lessons learned from hundreds of successful alarm improvement projects.

Whatever the nature of your alarm system, The Alarm Management Handbook is a necessary part of your operational excellence and other business improvement initiatives. This book will help you make a long-lasting mark in your organization by providing you with strategies to improve your company’s bottom line.

This highly anticipated new edition contains an additional fifty pages of information, new figures, and several completely new sections. It contains the most up-to-date body of best practices knowledge available for improving and optimizing the performance of a modern alarm system. There is additional practical information on benchmarking alarm system performance, developing a comprehensive alarm philosophy, solving nuisance alarm problems, performing alarm rationalization, implementing advanced alarm handling techniques, and improving the human factors associated with alarm systems. The implications of the new ANSI/ISA-18.2-2009 Management of Alarm Systems for the Process Industries are also detailed.

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