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CADWorx Training is Tremendous

In a world where it is all go, go, go and we jump from the latest piece of tech to the next, ask yourself, do you really know how to get the most out of it? Have you read the instructions, or have you just figured it out along the way with the help of search engines or friends and family? Are you sure you’re taking advantage of all the features?

How about the digital solutions you use at work, for instance Hexagon’s CADWorx and Analysis Solutions. Are you up to speed regarding the new features or know the tricks to save you and your team time in projects and deliverables?

If you can’t confidently say, “yes, I know how to use it inside and out”, then maybe it’s time to think about a training refresh. Be brought back up to speed quickly, so you can get the most out of your digital solutions. Hexagon have great resources that are already available at your fingertips, but nothing can quite beat digital, small group (max is four) training to suit your needs. Submerge yourself in the sessions with step-by-step support and guidance. And of course, we also look forward to doing trainings with you in person again as well!

The trainings can be tailored just for you and your team to help support your specific needs, or you can do one of our standard trainings. The sessions are flexible to suit you. Discover shortcuts, tips, and tricks and gain confidence in how to leverage your solutions to the fullest and increase project efficiency.

When we speak to our customers post-training, the most common things they say are:

“Why didn’t I do this earlier” and “I can’t wait to get back to using the solutions.”

As a technically minded person, I love seeing in detail how Hexagon’s CADWorx and Analysis Solutions work and integrate together. I find it impressive how fast you can design a complex installation in 3D and then generate all the 2D deliverables out of it – these could be your isometric drawings, general arrangement drawings, or BOM.

If time is super tight at the moment, and several days of training is not possible, remember Hexagon’s solution-focused webinars include information about updates and tips and tricks. You can find all our upcoming events and on-demand webinars online.

You can never stop learning!

About the Author

Peter has more than 28 years in the process, power and marine industries. In the 1990s Peter started his own company, CADView Engineering Solutions, selling AutoCAD-based plant design solutions. In the mid-2000s Peter sold his company to Hexagon and joined the Benelux team as a Business Unit Manager selling SmartPlant Enterprise solutions. He is now the Vice President of Volume Sales Europe, Middle East, India and Africa. His focus is on new business opportunities for CADWorx, mechanical and structural analysis products, and BricsCAD through direct sales and reseller networks.

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