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EcoSys v. 9.0 Tool Bar Consolidation

EcoSys™ v. 9.0 has a brand-new, clean, and modern look with user-friendly options that are worth getting excited about! If you want to modernize your look, simplify your menu bars, or get access to new features, this release has done it!

One of the major changes in EcoSys v. 9.0 is that the Tool Bar has been redesigned to centralize end user functionality.  The Title bar, Hamburger icon , and spreadsheet menus have all been consolidated into a single bar, called the Tool Bar with easy access icons.

In Figure 1 below, the new gray Tool Bar displays the title of the spreadsheet on the left and the new icons on the right. Titles are displayed on the Tool Bar for Spreadsheets, Reports, Charts, Forms, and all other panel types, excluding Screen Layouts, Action Batches, and HTML panels (which still have a title bar). 

Figure 1- EcoSys v. 9.0 New Tool Bar

Figure 2 – Previous EcoSys version for comparison

As shown in Figure 1, EcoSys v9.0 no longer has the separate spreadsheet menu bar but has instead relocated these spreadsheet menus via representative icons on the right side of the new Tool Bar. New icons have also been added for View Settings (replacing the Hamburger Icon), Change Density (which replaces the zoom options) and Show/Hide Grid Lines. This consolidated format allows end users to easily navigate and access these settings and features. 

Looking closer at the icons on the new Tool Bar:

View Settings – allows access to Show View Settings, Open view, Save view, Save view as, Manage views, Restore view to default settings. Previously accessed via the Hamburger icon.

Sheet Menu – allows access to Save, Refresh, Report, Export to Excel, and Export to Text.

Edit Menu – allows access to Cut, Copy, Paste, Paste Special, Fill Down, Fill Down All, Fill Up, Fill Right, Fill Left, and Clear Values.

Display Menu – allows access to Show/Hide Columns, Reset Column Widths, Fit All Columns Width to Content (new), Spreadsheet Metrics, Show Filter, Add to Display Filter, Clear Filter, Show Paging Bar, Paging options, and Show All Rows. New menu item: Fit All Columns Width to Content allows all columns in the Spreadsheet to adjust to fit content within each column

Rows Menu – allows access to Duplicate, Insert, Insert Multiple, Insert Under, Insert Multiple Under, and Delete.

Change Density – provides users with the option to display the screen as High, Medium, or Low density, which increases the size of the text and cells for easier viewing. This feature has replaced the previous zoom options.

Show/Hide Grid Lines – allows users to show or hide the vertical grid lines.

Clear Display Filters – clears all filter values.

Show Display Filters – enables the display filter.

Delete Row(s) – deletes selected row(s).

Insert Row – inserts a row.

Refresh Spreadsheet Data – refreshes the screen without saving after using any filters or making changes to the data. Previously the refresh button.

Save button – saves the screen. Previously the checkmark icon.

Maximize/Restore – maximizes the selected panel and collapses other panels in the screen layout.

Expand/Collapse – expands or collapses panel.

EcoSys v9.0 has a refreshed look that provides a simpler, more coherent experience, allowing end users to focus more easily on their work and data. The EcoSys training team continues to update training materials to reflect this user-friendly, interface refresh. 

Check out our training page for more information on our course offerings. Register today!