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CADWorx Webinar: Switching DWG-based CAD Platforms

While people are generally resistant to change, we tend to make changes when there is value. Things like having a steep learning curve to new technology, or substantial and disruptive differences in well-established workflows, are often quoted as main objections to change. 

With the change in licensing models other CAD platforms have made, what many CADWorx users have discovered is not all changes have to be drastic to achieve substantial gains, both in efficiency and economy. While the user-experience of operating CADWorx on BricsCAD® is familiar, most designers won’t even notice the change in their CAD platform at all until they observe an improvement in model manipulation. However, the IT managers and business owners notice the change in their balance sheet much faster!

View this webinar on-demand to discover why BricsCAD is the industry-leading .dwg-based CAD alternative and is the perfect solution for project managers and designers looking for value in the form of reduced CAD costs and improved project performance without substantial pain of change.