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Engineers Australia - Fuse Your Projects' Physical and Digital Worlds With a Smart Digital Reality

About the event

The need for automation and efficiency in engineering and design technology is at an all-time high for EPCs. Similarly, owners and operators need accurate design information to maintain their facility successfully, often compelling them to mandate the use of tools that are sporadically used with limited resources and support in order to overcome the difficulty of receiving data from contractors.

The future enterprise model must provide an innovative “digital reality” that meets you where you are today, no matter the stage of project execution maturity or level of digital transformation.

In this presentation, we’ll breakdown some of the buzzwords and present the latest, real-world technology that is driving digital transformation in the heavy/vital industries and showcase what this integrated project environment actually looks like.

In this webinar, we discussed a near-term vision for project execution where you’ll learn:

  • How unlocking the potential of your data throughout the project and asset lifecycle can provide space to make well-informed decisions
  • That a digital reality is possible, no matter how far along you are in your digital transformation journey
  • How automation for the right processes at the right time can increase efficiency, performance, and quality
  • How you can set yourself up for future success by investing in solutions that go beyond the digital twin and build a digital reality ecosystem

Who should watch:

This webinar is relevant for anyone working in following sectors including Oil & Gas, Power, Chemical, Mining, Utilities, Renewables, Civil Construction and Infrastructure.


Distinguished Professor Fang Chen
Executive Director, UTS Data Sci & Distinguished Professor
The Data Science Institute, UTS

Distinguished Professor Fang Chen is an award-winning, internationally-recognised leader in artificial intelligence (AI) and data science. She is passionately innovative in her work, architecting and implementing data-driven solutions to problems met in governments and industries. Her experience in solving these real-life complex problems in large-scale networks span across transport, water, energy and agriculture. Fang is also actively involved in promoting ethical, human-centred AI.

Fang leads multidisciplinary teams of experts, together with whom she has won major scientific and industry awards on the national level. These include the Intelligent Transport Systems Australia National Award 2014, 2015 and 2018, the NSW iAwards 2017, the VIC iAwards 2019 and 2020, and the National Award and NSW “Research and Innovation Award” 2018 from the Australian Water Association.

In terms of personal recognition, Fang is the winner of the "Oscar" of Australian science – the Australian Museum Eureka Prize 2018 for Excellence in Data Science.  She is the Australian Water Association’s “Water Professional of the Year”, awarded in 2016. She is the 2021 winner of the Australia and New Zealand “Women in AI” Award in Infrastructure, and a 2021 winner of the NSW Premier’s Prize of Science and Engineering.

Fang is a member of the inaugural NSW Government AI Advisory Committee. She also serves on the expert panel of the Singapore National Science Foundation, and on several boards, including ITS Australia. She has 350 publications and 30 patents in 8 countries. Currently, Fang is the Executive Director of Data Science at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS) and the Executive Director of the UTS Data Science Institute.

Ross Porter

Director, Projects Portfolio Strategy
Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division

Ross Porter is a 30+ year electrical engineer, solutions and support engineer and senior level Director in the Engineering & Construction and Oil & Gas business.  Ross has served in a variety of technical and progressively responsible managerial functions over his career in the EPC business.  Currently Ross works in the Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division with attention to the Project Execution portfolio of solutions.

Guy Masin

Industry Consultant

Guy is a Chemical Engineer (BSc.) and an MBA graduate with 15 Years of professional experience in various disciplines within the chemical engineering Industry. Guy specialises in Engineering software development, Petrochemical plant design (EPC), Polymer manufacturing plants, Semiconductor fabrication and a project manager at a Chemical Pilot plant (Chemical R&D). Today, Guy uses his extensive experience to support Hexagon clients in their Software product management & implementation, process project management, digital transformation journey.