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How to unlock the full potential of your sustainable mine

There are three key drivers shaping the global mining industry in 2023: maximizing operational efficiency, reducing costs and improving safety. Mining companies are also striving to be more sustainable with low emissions targets, without compromising profitability.

Against this backdrop, companies that are looking to unlock the full potential of any mining operation must adopt a comprehensive and integrated approach that addresses all stages of the mining lifecycle. 

However, mining companies face substantial challenges due to the presence of organizational silos and fragmented work processes. There is a growing trend of turning to technology to enable novel approaches and new ways of working that integrate engineering, maintenance, and operational data with autonomous capabilities to address these issues. This strategy aims to create a fully integrated and efficient process, ensuring sustainability throughout the entire life of the mine from the initial exploration phase to the final reclamation.

Our whitepaper Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Mine with Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence Division offers an overview of Hexagon’s comprehensive and integrated solutions for the mining industry and explores this topic in greater depth, offering insights on how digital technologies will be transformative across all stages of the mining lifecycle: exploration, project design and execution, handover to operations, operations and maintenance, and reclamation. 

Discover the ways in which mining companies can harness advanced project delivery and execution capabilities to construct and maintain a Digital Twin of their mining processing plant within budget and on schedule. Furthermore, learn how the seamless integration of operational data and information results in a Smart Digital Reality of the mine, enhancing decision-making, streamlining processes, and optimizing overall asset performance. This transformative approach empowers mining companies to attain operational excellence, boost productivity, reduce costs, and ensure regulatory compliance throughout the mine's entire lifespan.

Download the whitepaper: Unlocking the Full Potential of Your Mine with Hexagon’s Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division 


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