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IDOM Enhances Nuclear Project Safety and Efficiency with PIPESTRESS

As the global push for sustainable energy intensifies, nuclear power is emerging as a crucial player in achieving a low-carbon future. With significant investments from nuclear alliance countries, particularly France, nuclear energy is poised to set new records by 2025. IDOM, a multinational consulting, engineering, and architecture firm, is at the forefront of this transition, providing specialized services to the nuclear industry across 30 countries.

The Challenge

IDOM faced increasing challenges as it expanded its global presence, particularly in accurately calculating pipe dynamics and ensuring structural validation for its projects. Advanced capabilities in stress calculations and compliance with stringent safety standards were essential to meet these demands. To address these challenges, IDOM employed PIPESTRESS software in several key projects at the Tricastin, Chinon, Blayais, Cruas, and Gravelines nuclear sites. The objective was to reassess and potentially redesign pipe stress analysis to extend the operational life of these facilities.

The Solution

PIPESTRESS is a crucial tool in the nuclear sector, adhering to international standards and complying with strict piping code regulations such as RCCM, KTA, DIN, and ASME. The software allows for precise stress calculations and structural validation, essential for the rigorous analysis required in nuclear plant safety. Luis Briceño, a pipe stress engineer at IDOM, highlighted the complexity and the technical adjustments needed for nuclear projects, emphasizing the significant role of PIPESTRESS in meeting these challenges.

Implementation and Results

The implementation of PIPESTRESS involved a rigorous methodology to enhance the dynamics and response data of various piping systems. The project was executed in two phases: designing pipe stress analyses to qualify stresses and determine load requirements, and validating the support structure with detailed stress calculations. The flexibility of PIPESTRESS allowed IDOM to extract necessary data efficiently, saving time and ensuring compliance with safety standards.

Key results from the project include:

  • Improved safety and better analysis for nuclear projects through a new code builder.
  • Compliance with nuclear codes such as RCCM, KTA, DIN and ASME.
  • The ability to create component line acceleration to enhance the safety, longevity, and performance of piping systems.

Moving Forward

Continuous training and software adaptation are crucial for the successful use of PIPESTRESS. IDOM, in collaboration with Hexagon, provided extensive training and support to enhance the knowledge of its nuclear pipe stress team. This partnership enabled IDOM to improve the structural analysis and response spectra piping analysis, ensuring better decision-making and intelligence across the asset lifecycle of industrial projects.

To know more about the customer story, read the full case study here 

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