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The Business Case for Connected Worker Strategy

You are likely reading this webpage on your smartphone, between following directions to a new restaurant and sending a picture to a group chat. With a couple taps on a screen, smartphones provide instant access to data from anywhere in the world, real-time collaboration and communication, and a million other benefits that make our lives easier. 

This is the world we live in 2019, outside of work. However, in the process industry, these luxuries disappear for our front-line workers as soon as they clock in for the day. Processes and workflows have not evolved in 10 to 20 years, and they completely ignore the technological advances we enjoy in our everyday lives. 

It's like telling accountants they can use a calculator at home, but they have to count on their fingers at work! 

Connected Workers are front-line employees who utilize modern technologies (mobility, sensors, wearables) to help make their jobs easier, safer and more efficient. 

Join Patrick Harrigan and Jaclyn Arnold from Hexagon PPM as they share their passion for empowering workers by implementing a Connected Worker Strategy. 

What you will take away: 

  • Real Connected Worker use cases that deliver tangible value 
  • How a Connected Worker Strategy will reduce OpEx by increasing productivity and reliability 
  • Where to start with a Connected Worker Strategy 

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About the Presenters

Patrick Harrigan   

    Patrick Harrigan
    Director of Business Development, Hexagon   

Patrick Harrigan is supporting Hexagon PPM's Connected Worker Strategy as a Director of Business Development. Patrick has been partnering with industrial clients for seven years, sharing his passion for empowering front-line workers through mobility.

Jaclyn Arnold   

    Jaclyn Arnold
    Vice President for Owner Operators, Hexagon PPM   

Jaclyn Arnold is Hexagon PPM's Vice President for Owner Operators, using her operations and maintenance field experience to create a vision and plan for innovative industrial facilities. She helps clients reinvent processes utilizing technology to change how work is performed in plants, ultimately reducing risk and capitalizing profitability.