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CADWorx Webinar: Large Project Management and Organization

Large models require careful project planning to make their development and use effective. Gain insight as to how to organize a project that consists of many different disciplines working together with separate data sets and model files. There are many different methods to organize a project, just as there are many different types of projects.


Join us during this webinar and discover organizational methods that can be adapted and implemented for your own company, including:


• Model Organization

• XREF Management

• Configuration Management

• 3D Modelling Best Practices

• Models at Large Coordinates

Meet the Presenter


     Werner Theron
     CAD Applications Manager, Chempute Software



Werner Theron is currently the CAD applications manager for Chempute Software, a position he has held since 2008, after he joined Chempute Software in 2006. He graduated from the Academy of Advanced Design in 1998 as a multi-disciplinary designer before working for a large electronics / telecommunications firm and then later working for consulting engineers and then in the manufacturing industry. He has been using AutoCAD as a design tool since Version 13. His duties include sales, pre-sales demonstrations, technical support and also training and implementation of the CADWorx products. He has been a CADWorx Instructor at CADWorx & Analysis University, part of HxGN Live and has previously won first prize in the CADWorx & Analysis Solutions Knowledge Base Advisor contest for 30 CADWorx articles he compiled.