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Connected Estimating with EcoSys

The next piece for complete project lifecycle management

Producing accurate estimates is vital for successful project delivery. However, failing to include all necessary costs, formula errors, inadequate review processes and limited value engineering are just some of the reasons estimate accuracy -- and planned project benefits -- are difficult to achieve.

For higher confidence in your numbers, and to regularly deliver successful projects, a standard methodology is needed spanning feasibility estimates for opportunities through final bid/project estimates for budgeting.  This is achievable when supported by an integrated enterprise project performance solution.

From project development to resource management to capital planning and budgeting, estimating is needed to support, and often drive, your portfolio and project management process. In this webinar we discussed:

  • The stages in a project lifecycle where estimating plays a critical role
  • A connected approach to estimating that improves accuracy and visibility
  • The recent release of new estimating capability in the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance platform

Join us as we move one piece closer to completing the holy grail…. the entire project lifecycle from estimating to close out managed within a single solution.



   Graeme Hoey
    Director, Product Strategy
   Hexagon PPM




About EcoSys

From Hexagon's PPM division, EcoSys is the Enterprise Project Performance software platform that helps project-driven organizations align and manage organizational strategy and project/contract execution. By increasing visibility into performance and predictability across the full life cycle of projects and portfolios, EcoSys helps you identify what drives project and organizational success, and take proactive measures to maximize returns and margins.