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Cybersecurity - The Customer Viewpoint

In this episode, we are joined by Nick Cappi, Vice President of Portfolio Strategy and Enablement, Cyber, from Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division.

Nick discusses the challenges faced by customers, including identifying assets, addressing vulnerabilities and managing risk efficiently, while highlighting the significance of mitigation over elimination of threats, as well as the need to reduce risks proactively.

About the Author

Nick Cappi is Vice President, Portfolio Strategy and Enablement for OT Cybersecurity in Hexagon Asset Lifecyle Intelligence division. Nick joined PAS in 1995, which was acquired by Hexagon in 2020. In his role, Nick oversees commercial success of the business, formulates and prioritizes the strategic themes, and works with product owners to set strategic product direction. During his tenure at PAS, Nick has held a variety of positions including Vice President of Product Management and Technical Support, Director of Technical Consulting, Director of Technology, Managing Director for Asia Pacific Region, and Director of Product Management. Nick brings over 26 years of industrial control system and cybersecurity experience within the processing industries.

Profile Photo of Nick Cappi