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Customer Testimonial: Technip

My name is David Teague, and I am Vice President of Projects Controls at Technip, Houston, managing the region of Technip North America. The division that I work in does subsea, onshore and offshore projects, so we do projects from $50,000 all the way to multiple billion dollars.

Challenges faced before EcoSys

When I joined Technip four years ago, we were using Excel as our method of doing cost control, and when you talk to clients, talking about a billion dollar project and show them this really neat Excel spreadsheet, you kind of get this look of, “Is this the best you have to offer?” And so, from a competitive perspective I felt we were actually in a very non-competitive state. We went and searched the marketplace for tools that were more database orientated. We wanted to be able to work in a system that could be configurable to our work process, not us change our work process to the tool.

Benefits of EcoSys

The consultants we work with really are very knowledgeable in project controls, as well as the financial systems, as well as cost control, and they’re not coming from one bent or another, they actually have the whole gamut that they work in with us.

One of our Client Kick-Off Meetings, we had about six weeks ago, we’re in the meeting and we talk about how we use EcoSys as our cost control tool. The client steps up and says, “Wow, we’re using the same tool,” and so the whole kick-off meeting stops for 30 minutes, and everybody’s talking about how EcoSys can work together between our EPC organization and the client organization.

Why EcoSys?

I’ve been in Project Management/Project Controls for over 30 years.  I’ve done Project Management Consulting, and EcoSys is a software tool that, by far, has no competitor in the market place. It handles everything we want, from a very small reimbursable project, to a lump sum project – all of the currency conversions we have to work with, managing our change orders – the depth and breadth of the system is phenomenal. Combined with ability to not have to do code changes in the engine, but to do configuration, allows it to be flexible enough to match your work process. So, from a user perspective, it is a Godsend to the cost systems.