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Suppliers Will Revolutionize Your Supply Chain

When you utilize the digital supply chain for the Jovix Supplier Program, you allow your Suppliers to share pertinent and itemized data about an asset and its components upstream, benefitting all those involved along the project lifecycle. Without this upstream visibility, you expose your construction project to the risk of major disruptions from unmanaged, ship-loose components plus siloed - and often, inconsistent - data that is either late or forgotten altogether. With the Jovix Supplier Program, Suppliers create a digital packing list at the source of the information, identifying all components that are shipping prior to arrival, eliminating the confusion and need for manual entry downstream. The information is created in a data-centric format as opposed to a document-centric format. This data easily augments existing records within Procurement or Material Management systems and can be shared throughout the Project team's Work Planning systems. In addition, the Jovix digital packing list functionality removes data entry from the Project site and places the ownership back in the hands of the Supplier. This improves a project's ability to understand the way in which materials are arriving at the jobsite, affording better understanding of the supply chain and how that translates into constructability.