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CADWorx® Electrical & Instrumentation Design Suite 23: Revolutionizing Project Efficiency and Accuracy

Hexagon is excited to announce the launch of the CADWorx® Electrical and Instrumentation Design Suite, a highly anticipated innovative software solution designed to transform the way engineering professionals' approach electrical and instrumentation design projects. Powered by the Elecdes Design Suite , this comprehensive solution is equipped with three powerful modules – CADWorx Electrical, CADWorx Instrumentation, and CADWorx Raceway – that are engineered to streamline workflows, enhance collaboration, and generate impeccable deliverables.

CADWorx Electrical: Unleash the Power of Intelligent 2D schematics

Say goodbye to the complexities of traditional electrical design processes! With CADWorx Electrical, engineers can create intelligent 2D schematics effortlessly, empowering them to make informed decisions and identify potential issues early on. This groundbreaking module offers a user-friendly interface, extensive symbol libraries, and smart data integration, ensuring accuracy and reducing errors throughout the design journey. Generate comprehensive deliverables with ease, including detailed reports, wiring diagrams, and more -– all ready to impress clients and accelerate project completion.

CADWorx Instrumentation: Seamlessly Manage Instrumentation on Projects

Engineers can stay ahead in the game with CADWorx Instrumentation, a sophisticated module tailored to manage instrumentation with utmost efficiency. Easily create and maintain instrument indexes, tag information, and data sheets, making it a breeze to track and manage instruments throughout the entire project lifecycle. Intelligent data integration eliminates redundancies, reduces errors, and enhances overall project consistency, ultimately boosting productivity and ensuring projects are delivered on time and within budget.

CADWorx Raceway: Revolutionize 3D Raceway Modeling and Cable Routing

Introducing the game-changer in raceway design and cable routing -– CADWorx Raceway. This dynamic module brings innovation to the forefront, enabling engineers to model and route cable trays, conduits, and more in a highly accurate and visually immersive 3D environment. With its intelligent routing capabilities and conflict detection, designers can confidently create raceway systems that optimize space, minimize clashes, and ensure a smooth installation process. Say hello to improved collaboration, reduced installation costs, and flawless project execution.

Experience the future of Electrical and Instrumentation Design with CADWorx!

The CADWorx Electrical and Instrumentation Design Suite heralds a new era in the engineering industry, providing professionals with the tools they need to take their projects to unprecedented heights. Whether you are an electrical designer, instrumentation engineer, or raceway expert, our suite empowers you to harness your creativity, enhance productivity, and deliver exceptional results.

Ready to elevate your engineering projects? Join us for an exciting webinar as we unveil the highly anticipated release of CADWorx Electrical and Instrumentation Design Suite and get started on your journey towards innovation and excellence.

About the Author

Wally Elarusi is a seasoned professional in the field of Digital Construction and Design with over 20 years of experience. Currently, he serves the role of a product owner for CADWorx at Hexagon. His intricate knowledge of the solution, coupled with his ability to anticipate industry demands, has positioned him as a trusted leader in the field. Wally's keen eye for detail and commitment to excellence has garnered him a reputation for delivering high-quality solutions that meet the diverse needs of clients.

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