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Case study Reia s.r.l: Designing a Combined Heat and Power Facility with Hexagon Solutions

Reia s.r.l. is an Italian engineering company specializing in the power industry, especially in thermal and electrical energy production and distribution systems. The company was hired to design an entirely new combined heat and power (CHP) facility for a paper mill located in northern Italy.

The plant was to be built in an existing location where the space to accommodate the new facility was dictated by the existing plant structures. Because of this, Reia s.r.l. needed an integrated engineering and design system that would help them create the necessary deliverables for the new plant configuration quickly, efficiently and error-free.

Overcoming Challenges
The key challenges Reia faced during project execution included the strict project schedule, compliance requirements and the need to integrate stress analysis with 3D design.

Christian Pedrielli, project manager at Reia s.r.l. said, “Any engineering project – be it an entirely new design or a revamp of an existing facility – is characterized by the need to create accurate, clash-free 3D models of the new plant configuration. We needed a software solution that would enable us to meet the client’s strict requirements while ensuring accurate and timely delivery of the project.”

Realizing Results
Reia s.r.l. chose the Hexagon solutions CADWorx Plant Professional, running on BricsCAD, and CAESAR II for the CHP plant project. The work scope included designing the piping for the plant, drawing all the machinery, components and piping routes and validating the created models. The company was also responsible for the stress analysis for both the piping and equipment designs.

Stergios Katsikoudis, project engineer at Reia s.r.l., said: “The main overall benefit we have experienced when using Hexagon solutions is the capability to see in advance the problems regarding overstressing, inaccurate dimensions resulting in clash situations or completely unsuitable designs. Previously, we could only see these issues during the later stages of a project. With the correct implementation of Hexagon software, we can now easily avoid exceeding budgets or being delayed when delivering our projects.”

You can read the complete case study here to learn in more detail how Reia utilized Hexagon software to improve accuracy and efficiency.

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