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HxGN EAM Recertified with GEFMA 444

Hexagon's CAFM (Computer Aided Facility Management) solution, HxGN EAM for Facilities, has been reaccredited with the GEFMA 444 certification in a 10-hour audit.

HxGN EAM for Facilities is an integrated suite of applications that streamlines the overall management of your facilities.

HxGN EAM helps Facility Managers by providing: 

  • An integrated solution for managing facilities and assets.
  • Real-time access to data so you can make decisions immediately.
  • A single system of recording to eliminate errors and reduce manual workflows.

During the certification process, GEFMA evaluates various requirements such as space planning and management, maintenance and inventory management, room and asset reservation, energy control, etc. The association has recently added more guidelines, especially regarding sustainability and BIM (Building Information Modeling)

Moreover, the jury was impressed by HxGN EAM’s ease of use, clarity, and flexibility in configuration to the customer's needs. This recertification proves that HxGN EAM for Facilities meets specific requirements and quality standards. It provides orientation for the procurement of CAFM solutions. For all our customers using HxGN EAM, the certificate means security and ensures you have invested in a high-quality product certified in various areas and requirements.

What is GEFMA? 

GEFMA stands for German Facility Management Association and is an added-value network that connects service providers and users of facility management solutions with and among each other. They ensure qualified exchange and thus support our more than 1,000 member companies in their success.

GEFMA guidelines and their certificates are integral to high-quality facility management solutions. The growing success is their drive for the creative services of tomorrow. With these, they will continue to accompany the development of facility management and their members as partners in the future. In doing so, they will face the central industry challenges in the coming years with an open mind and an elevated level of expertise. These include sustainability, digitalization, Working Worlds 4.0, education, and many other aspects that will soon be a natural part of our everyday lives.

In the future, GEFMA will continue to position itself as a reliable navigator on the road to success for its members.

The association has several key responsibilities, including:

Developing the industry and establishing standards 

  • by setting standards for the practices in Facility Management
  • by initiating conferences and workshops on current topics
  • by publishing information materials for the benefit of members and non-members

Building a strong network 

  • by maintaining a global network of members who share information about regulatory issues, best practices, and technological developments.
  • by initiating forums for discussions between service providers (Facility Management companies), users (facility managers), and institutions
  • through an integrated working group structure with topic-related subgroups from different industry segments.


  • by making the industry aware of the best-practice facilities management standards, standards for certification bodies, and standards on quality assurance.

It is a proud moment for the entire team at Hexagon, who worked tirelessly to earn this prestigious recognition. It makes HxGN EAM for Facilities a trustworthy CAFM solution to automate facility management across organizations while delivering real value and return on investment. Hexagon continues to work within the facilities industry by keeping our products relevant and easy for all users.