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HxGN LiveView 3.0 Release

Hexagon is proud to announce the new release of HxGN LiveView 3.0. With Hexagon’s new release, it is now possible to view native drawings and reports while on the go. HXGN LiveView provides users of Intergraph Smart(r) P&ID, Electrical, and Instrumentation a simple and intuitive browser, iOS and android solution for the investigation of documents for review as well as real time changes for accurate up to date engineering data.

Users will be able to take advantage of Hexagon’s latest technology when they view reports and now drawings on the go. This new release boasts a viewer that includes intuitive touch, mouse navigation, easy zoom capabilities, contextual layer control, as well as seamless sheet navigation. Users will also be able to select graphics within drawings to retrieve the associated properties on top of navigate to related or referenced drawings connected to the source drawing.

The enhanced navigation with HxGN LiveView allows for optimized document understanding for delving into the details of a project or piece of equipment and understanding the correlated datasets with it. Maneuver around your drawings seamlessly with an updated user interface as well as optimized performance enhancements to accelerate access to critical data no matter on a browser, iOS or android.

HxGN LiveView 3.0 brings stronger control of your documents to better understand the revisions from the office directly in real time to the field. The new release is more contextual for accessing relevant data to pertinent objects and layers along with referencing linked documents that relate. Utilize the ability to isolate data points and specific layers for immediate identification of areas of interest for faster decision making and collaboration between field and office.

The new release also boasts incredible visualizations for better understanding drawings and documents in their native formats to speed the viewing of these files in the field, but also mitigate the loss of data specified in the field. The real time connection of live data in the field allows for dramatic productivity gains and understanding, but also enhanced collaboration between the field and the office for design intent as well as more targeted communication around objects of interest. Teams are enabled as well as connected with HxGN LiveView for a more accurate single source of truth as well as faster speed to decision with more confidence as well.

This new release is an industry game changer for the connected worker and those innovators looking to maximize their productivity and collaboration from the field to the office.