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Integrity Management System (IMS) Suite

Integrity Management System (IMS) is a unified asset integrity management solution suite for all your equipment types and processes. The range of IMS products can be deployed individually or together, and each component complements the others seamlessly. IMS has been deployed in over two hundred assets across the globe. 

IMS complement Hexagon’s offering in the field of asset integrity and reliability management for asset intensive industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals and other process industries.

IMS complement Hexagon’s offering in the field of asset integrity and reliability management for asset intensive industries, such as Oil & Gas, Chemicals and other process industries.
IMS’ modules would work together with Hexagon’s products, such as SDx, EAM, PAS InBound, PAS IPL Assurance among other solutions. Primarily for the Operate and Maintain phase of an asset. 

IMS is made of discipline specific module with dedicated methodology, workflows and strategies, as below:

Optimize preventive maintenance plans, based on risk, using a library of maintenance strategy templates. 
Manage equipment integrity, by defining when and what to inspect or repair using RBI and advanced corrosion calculations while keeping an audit trail. 
Manage pipeline and subsea system integrity, performing In-line inspections (ILI) and Fit-For Service (FFS) calculations based on intelligent pigging data. 
Design Safety Instrumented Functions (SIF/SIS), ensuring good engineering practices, complying with IEC 61508/61511, and supporting HAZOP and LOPA. 

Manage critical flanges with a strict guided maintenance protocol, based on tool usage, tension & torque, and joint integrity calculations. 

IMS Civil 
Manage civil integrity by defining when and what to inspect/repair (using RCM & RBI adopted for civil degradation dynamics); and by keeping an audit trail.

IMS4Field (add on)
MS4Field revolutionizes field operations with user-friendly digital checklists, ensuring streamlined data collection and comprehensive task management.

IMS suite works as a stand alone solution to Hexagon’s products. Different IMS modules can integrate with different Hexagon’s products. For example, IMS PEI has been integrated with SDx using a data lake. IMS SIS can be interated with PAS IPL Assurance for safety instrumentation.
All modules can be integrated with EAM. 

Key Features:

  • Risk Management: Understand and mitigate the risk of failure of your critical assets as a foundation for an optimized inspection and maintenance plan.
  • Proprietary Methodologies: Each engineering discipline with dedicated methodology and out of the box configurable workflows.
  • Strategy Libraries: Based on over 30 years of industry experience, access to an exclusive maintenance and inspection strategies per discipline.
  • Complete Asset Integrity Lifecycle: Covering the entire lifecycle, create and optimize inspection, test and maintenance plans, and capture the execution data to close a loop using field tools for data capture.
  • Complete set of latest and greatest in software technology, such as 2D and 3D visualization, integration with other systems, role-based access, configurable dashboards, dynamic checklists, offline capabilities, etc.


About Cenosco:

Cenosco is an asset integrity management software company with over 20 years of product leadership in Asset Heavy industries. Their IMS Suite of solutions was designed to support users in making smart inspection and maintenance decisions to increase safety, maximize asset availability, and optimize asset management costs. It is currently utilized to safeguard several hundred assets in over 40 countries. The IMS Suite was created in collaboration with world-renowned Oil & Gas leader, Shell.