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Make Your Asset Perform Sustainably

Sustainability has become an important aspect of operations in chemical plants. The focus of sustainability has shifted from the environmental impact to a more holistic view. The pressure is on for corporations to unlock more insight from data, accelerate digital transformation, do more with less, and save the planet. The Hexagon Enterprise Asset Management (HxGN EAM) system enables chemical companies to achieve a safer and more sustainable working environment by gaining complete visibility into assets and control of maintenance to reduce costs and downtime while increasing productivity.

Cloud-based Support

The chemical industry is expected to experience significant growth within the next few decades. Growth comes with the need to expand to meet increasing demands and to gain an expanded view of the company’s growing data. A cloud-based platform can provide the scalability you need as your chemical plant grows. Partnership with HxGN EAM will provide your chemical plant with the appropriate cloud-based support for sustainability. Our Enterprise Asset Management system is built on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform, providing flexibility, scalability, and extremely reliable uptime.

Environmental and Social Governance

Environmental and social governance (ESG) issues have reached a pivotal point in the chemical industry. ESG issues influence chemical plants through regulatory policies and consumer preferences for ‘green’ and ethical products. Companies face pressure to invest in newer technologies that promise to enhance sustainability in their chemical plants. HxGN EAM offers solutions that empower you to develop and operate more sustainable, safer, and profitable chemical plants. The Safety Management module in our Enterprise Asset Management platform can help you comply with health, safety, and environmental (HSE) regulations. The Inspection Management module can simplify the creation of inspection routes, measurement points, and aspects to be measured on each asset.

Safety Management

Equipment failure and the cost of prevention can cause major issues in chemical plants with aging infrastructure. Plant maintenance is an important operation for plants with aging infrastructure — it can reduce downtime, a huge efficiency issue in production, to near-zero. By maintaining a holistic view of your full asset lifecycle management, you can predict maintenance needs or determine when to replace assets. Analysis of failure and historical performance data can help you predict when and how a component is likely to fail. Furthermore, plant maintenance can prevent hazardous safety incidents that have harmful effects on the environment, promoting sustainability. The Enterprise Asset Management safety management module can identify and control all hazardous materials, situations, and activities in your chemical plant to protect personnel and the environment.

Energy Usage

Energy usage in chemical plants contributes significantly to harm to the environment. Detection of energy waste, strict monitoring of energy use, and environmental damage are key issues associated with sustainability in chemical plants. You need a solution to help detect energy waste to reduce usage and environmental risks. Our Enterprise Asset Management modules address energy performance by setting baselines, monitoring, and comparing the energy performance of your assets against industry standards. Additionally, our modules can help you comply with energy regulatory policies and procedures.

Internet of Things

Partnership with HxGN EAM can help you leverage technology like the Internet of Things (IoT) sensors to maintain sustainability. IoT sensors are devices that collect data and provide a window into a chemical plant’s operations. IoT sensors can detect changes in the levels of chemicals in the air and liquids, providing insight into the effect of your plant’s operations on the environment. You can leverage IoT sensors to track performance and provide warnings about potential hazards in your chemical plant.

The chemical industry is poised for significant growth and is focused on sustainability. Regulatory compliance, adopting newer and effective technology, preventing equipment failure, and detecting energy waste are key issues chemical plants face in the current landscape. HxGN EAM offers solutions such as the Enterprise Asset Management system to help you achieve your sustainability goals. Contact a HxGN EAM representative to schedule a meeting to discuss our Enterprise Asset Management solutions.