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GT STRUDL Webinar: The Short Trip to a Better Structural Analysis

Engineers today are under pressure to deliver their projects safely, efficiently and often in compressed schedules. While there have been huge leaps forward in technology to make many aspects of our lives better, many engineers are still using antiquated analysis software. The reasons given for this are typically that the “new” solutions:
• Are not tried and true (or tested)
• Are too black box for engineers to verify results or trust
• Limit the way engineers work
• Require a massive change to workflow
• Have a huge learning curve
The truth is, most people do not like change, especially when it’s disruptive. But what if you could work in a flexible, modern, and trusted solution that’s highly interoperable with design and other engineering tools without sacrificing established workflows or loss of productivity due to learning curves?
Discover how you can easily transition to GT STRUDL with few disruptions to existing project workflows. Reduce duplication of effort, risk and reliance on multiple analysis solutions by leveraging interoperability, multiple ways of modeling and the most efficient and trusted analysis engine on the market today!