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CADWorx & Analysis Solutions

In Nancy-Brabois, Hexagon's Software Gives Students in Chemical and Process Engineering an Edge

Part of the Lorraine University, the Nancy-Brabois IUT has trained future technicians and managers for the past 50 years. Home to 1,700 students and 175 professors, it gives them access to state-of-the-art equipment and technologies to help them excel in their field. 

Using innovative software programs like Hexagon's CADWorx® is one of the ways the IUT helps its students stay ahead of the curve. Since 2014, the University's undergraduate Chemical and Process Engineering department has been using Hexagon's software to train the next generation of technical professionals.

In Villers-lès-Nancy, the department offers a three-year technical curriculum (Bachelor’s degree in technology - BUT). Each of these years includes a mix of courses, projects, and internships in real-world industrial settings.

At every stage of their education, students use Hexagon's software to model and design complex installations, from simple piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&IDs) to complete 3D models of piping systems.

In the first year, students use CADWorx P&ID to learn to create and review simple P&ID schematics. By the second year, they're using the same software to design more complex installations that combine several functional units. And by the third year, they're using CADWorx Plant Professional in conjunction with CADWorx P&lD to create detailed 3D models and extract piping isometrics.

The benefits of Hexagon's software go beyond just helping students learn technical skills. The software's clear and precise modeling capabilities also make it easier for students to communicate with their professors and team members throughout their projects.

"We are confident that the knowledge and experience gained through the use of Hexagon's software will prepare our students in the best possible way," explains Professor Thierry Munier. When students enter the workforce, they bring valuable, hands-on design and modeling skills that are in demand among companies in the field.

Today, by training its Chemical and Process Engineering students on CADWorx, the University gives them a head-start in their career: Hexagon's popular software suite is trusted by 90% of the top plant engineering companies and owner-operators worldwide. 

Reach out to Hexagon if you wish to learn more about educational licenses.