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The University of Zaragoza Leverages Hexagon Solutions to Enhance Their Design Thinking

The "Future Digital Innovators" blog series highlights how higher education institutions use Hexagon solutions for students' coursework, projects, and research. Hexagon's education licenses let universities and colleges provide students with hands-on experience with our industry-leading solutions.

In this blog, we learn more about how The University of Zaragoza leverages Hexagon's education licenses. The University of Zaragoza, also known as the Saragossa University, is a public university with teaching campuses and research centers spread over the three provinces of Aragon, Spain. Founded in 1542, it is one of the oldest universities in Spain, with a history dating back to the Roman period.     

The University of Zaragoza has been using Hexagon's CADWorx & Analysis Solutions since 2012 when they decided to expand their course offerings to include industrial design engineering. Since then, they have continued to update and adapt their courses to ensure that engineering and design innovations directly influence their students' education.    

As part of one of their course modules, they introduce students to CAD design software and teach them how to leverage it. This gives them hands-on learning and equips them with skills for graduate roles.   

How students benefit:

  • Discover fundamental tools and current design codes
  • Learn how different design codes achieve different results
  • Develops skills and knowledge that will be leveraged post-university.
  • Develop teamwork skills and project management knowledge  

Furthermore, the students must solve easy design problems using the solutions' examples. The university modifies the cases and examples to ensure individual working and calculations by each student. This way, they get more hands-on practical experience.    

When talking about using Hexagon's solutions, Pedro Vidal, a university professor at The University of Zaragoza, says, "The students have been excited to use CADWorx. With this tool, they've taken to it quickly as most of them already had experience with other CAD solutions. This makes CADWorx an easy transition, and they appreciate the intuitive solution."   

He added, "Analysis tools like PV Elite® and Tank® have been beneficial for our students because they don't have to manually calculate vessels and tanks anymore, allowing them to obtain results quickly and without mistakes. In addition, CAESAR II® will be a valuable addition for our future analysis engineers. These products will enhance their stress analysis knowledge for vessels and pipe systems even faster."   

"University education is an investment in the future. As such, it's essential to leverage the best-in-industry solutions in our courses to help students develop their knowledge and skills needed for the industry. If future engineers and designers don't know the tools their future employers use, they will struggle to get the job because they don't have the required skills. The sooner they start using Hexagon tools, the sooner they will see the product benefits and increases their employability opportunities.,", Mr. Vidal concluded.   

The University of Zaragoza is delighted to partner with Hexagon because it allows them to keep up to date with technologies used by the industry and ensure their courses are relevant to future engineers and designers wishing to study with them.    

 Reach out today to learn more about how your educational institution can apply for Hexagon educational licenses. 

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