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Hexagon's iConstruct™ boosts semiconductor project productivity at Mercury

Mercury has been delivering semiconductor facilities for over 30 years, working with some of the largest manufacturers in Europe.   

As a respected contractor, they have been utilizing iConstruct for seven years, gradually upgrading and evolving their usage to harness more of its powerful tools. Mercury has employed iConstruct successfully on various projects, including their most recent endeavor, a semiconductor project in a new greenfield facility on an existing campus in Ireland.   

With this project, they sought to leverage the capabilities of iConstruct further and align the product roadmap with their goals and objectives, aiming to efficiently manage the project and ensure it was completed on time and within budget. However, Mercury faced significant challenges in previous projects due to limitations in their data extraction and clash management tools. These tools needed more automation capabilities, hindering the full potential of automation in Mercury's projects.   

Additionally, the absence of reporting functionality impeded their ability to analyze and communicate project data effectively. The ongoing semiconductor project involving multiple data sources made integrating and managing the data within its models increasingly complex.   

Mercury recognized the need to adopt an Advanced Work Packaging (AWP) approach to overcome these hurdles but required a solution that seamlessly integrates AWP data into their existing tools. To address the limitations of their current tools, Mercury conducted a thorough evaluation of available solutions, aiming to find a comprehensive tool that would effectively tackle their challenges and meet their specific requirements.  

Finally, Mercury chose Hexagon's iConstruct platform for its advanced BIM technology and customization. iConstruct helped enhance safety, streamline cost processes, and optimize project timelines. The platform's reporting capabilities and BIMflow automation tool saved countless hours of manual work and ensured accuracy. Mercury considers iConstruct invaluable and plans to collaborate with Hexagon in the future for increased efficiency and precision.  

"We're excited to continue building upon the success of our current project and use it as a guiding blueprint for future endeavors. iConstruct has been an invaluable tool in streamlining our processes, and we can't imagine operating without it.", says Ciaran McCreary, Life Science and Technology - BIM Manager, Mercury 

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