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How Technip Energies Uses EcoSys for Digital Transformation of Project Control Processes

Technip Energies, a world-leading French Engineering & Technology company for the energy transition, was looking to increase predictability and visibility into project performance to mitigate the challenging economic environment. 

The Technip Energies management team envisioned a future where they could create a single, data-driven enterprise solution across different departments. Such a solution would handle the company’s complex processes, including project execution and data management across engineering, estimating, cost control, procurement, construction subcontracting, planning, and contract management. 

Overcoming Challenges 

Being able to measure a project’s performance is critical in any organization. Unfortunately, it can be challenging to do so when your business uses multiple data models. That is what Technip Energies experienced due to its organizational structure: various departments were using different cost breakdown structures (CBS). This made it hard for anyone to get an accurate picture of a project’s financial costs and risks—which meant that neither the leadership nor individual departments had a good grip on the project’s performance. 

Technip Energies identified digital transformation as a key initiative. To begin that process, it was essential to work on what Technip Energies’ leadership team identified as key enablers for digital transformation: defining master data and agreeing on a single data model for the organization. These were the first steps toward the gradual digital transformation of project control processes. In addition to aligning and setting up a shared data model, Technip Energies worked on standardizing lean work processes across the organization. 

Achieving Better Results Together 

Technip Energies chose EcoSys – Hexagon’s Enterprise Project Performance solution to support digitally transforming its project control processes.  

The solution was deployed across Technip Energies’ project sites to streamline collaboration and information sharing between the company’s project departments as part of its broader digital transformation program to improve operational efficiency. Technip Energies has also integrated EcoSys with Hexagon’s Intergraph Smart® Materials solution. Smart Materials is used for technical data and technical production data management. 

EcoSys provided multiple benefits to the company: 

  • The company can easily calculate forecasts and develop project control plans through automated interfaces. 
  • Access to purchase order information and material takeoffs (MTO) enables real-time comparison to see how the MTOs are evolving.  
  • The swift transition between the estimation spreadsheet and the budget of the project enables better visibility into performance 
  • Automated feedback: EcoSys generates data daily so that employees will not have to reconcile data from Excel Sheets, creating more trustworthy reporting and saving work hours. 

“We have deployed EcoSys in all of our projects across the globe. The flexibility of the software enables a progressive approach to digital transformation: we started with cost control and materials management with Intergraph Smart Materials and have created our work map for the next digitalization steps,” said Yann Guyot – Cost Control & Risk Management Director, Technip Energies. 

Moving Forward 

Overall, Hexagon’s EcoSys provided an outstanding experience for the company. They also experienced improved efficiency, resource optimization, and no time wasted during data validation. 

In addition to the ongoing work with cost control, construction subcontracting, estimating, and planning, Technip Energies will also integrate EcoSys with other in-house tools to create a fully collaborative project environment in the future. 

You can read the complete case study here to learn more about what Technip Energies achieved with EcoSys.