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Enterprise Project Performance

The Future of Enterprise Project Success: Collaborative Data, Optimized Decisions

Capital project needs are evolving. Today’s projects are not just the concern of a select few, but rather their success is driven by the many. Planning and executing a project well requires that not only project teams, but also teams across an organization, have access to (or supply) accurate and timely data relevant to their role. That role-based standardization of project-related processes ensures a seamless journey through the project lifecycle. 
In this webinar, we explore how you can provide every project-related role within your organization with the visibility and connection needed to effectively inform and execute vital work processes across every project stage.  
Whether representing asset owners or EPC firms/contractors, viewers will learn how to: 

  • Make more informed decisions with access to accurate, near real-time project and portfolio data.

  • Enable efficient project execution by ensuring every process and role is cross-functionally linked.

  • Empower seamless collaborations by leveraging mobile capabilities and role-specific dashboards to connect stakeholders - regardless of their place in the project lifecycle or physical location.

  • Drive quicker responses by knowing when to pivot resources to more high-value initiatives and through proactive asset planning.

  • Reduce downtime with strategic and detailed planning around STOs to promote safety and efficiency.

  • Optimize asset health, safety and utility by blending Enterprise Asset Management and Enterprise Project Performance efforts to support proactive care and allocation.  

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