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Hexagon's iConstruct™ enhances Tecnimont's efficiency in managing construction projects

Tecnimont, a well-known global contractor in the natural resources transformation industry, sought to manage its construction projects more effectively by efficiently managing the "work front" when working with subcontractor companies providing direct manpower at its construction sites. It recognized that there were often numerous reports and data to interpret between engineering, procurement, and executive construction, which required a pragmatic interpretation by the end users, such as the Construction Manager, the foreman, and its respective teams.   

To streamline its approach, Tecnimont sought a solution representing the work front. It aimed to establish a priority scheme for assembly sequences through a comprehensive 3D model, providing clarity and prioritization in all circumstances. Its goal was to differentiate itself from traditional practices employed by EPC contractors primarily focused on managing engineering deliverables and material availability.  

Overcoming Challenges 

However, Tecnimont faced a challenge managing information and coordinating on-site construction activities. Staff had to generate reports and update data, leaving little time to supervise construction operations. Recognizing the importance of embracing new technologies and digital platforms within the construction sector, Tecnimont conducted a comprehensive investigation and analysis of potential business opportunities.   

It identified two key areas of improvement. Firstly, it aimed to enhance the user experience and accessibility of its digital solutions for the average user by adopting a more user-friendly approach. Secondly, it recognized the need for a paradigm shift among its more senior resources, who needed help to embrace the market's opportunities fully.  

Thus, Tecnimont embarked on a journey to identify and implement a transformative digital solution to address its challenges and maximize its efficiency in the construction industry. It aimed to find a technological solution that streamlined processes and delivered cost savings in terms of effort, work hours, and reduced claims by subcontractor companies.  

Realizing Results  

Tecnimont conducted a thorough evaluation and found that Hexagon's iConstruct™ was an ideal solution that perfectly aligned with their requirements and project objectives. The decision to adopt iConstruct was a strategic one for Tecnimont. Here are the reasons why they chose iConstruct:  

  • iConstruct uses AWP methodology to enhance project efficiency and productivity   

  • Full support and assistance from Hexagon's team ensured a smooth implementation process   

  • iConstruct is adaptable to customer needs, improving effectiveness and efficiency   

  • iConstruct is easy to understand and use, providing immediate value and enhanced functionality  

Looking Ahead   

Tecnimont has improved construction planning and tracked the progress of activities more efficiently with the help of Hexagon's iConstruct. This state-of-the-art technology has resulted in a reduction of approximately 20% in hours spent and cost savings of 10%. The iConstruct system manages a significant amount of data, including about 50,000 metadata from an engineering perspective and approximately 800,000 metadata related to procurement. Tecnimont plans to expand the project by incorporating internal processes into the iConstruct's digital platform. The collaboration with Hexagon has succeeded, with Tecnimont describing the solution as effective, proactive, and dynamic. The company is exploring the possibility of using iConstruct at other construction sites, indicating the potential for additional solutions. 

Discover the full details of the case study here.

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