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Operations & Maintenance

Driving Shift Excellence

Spend two minutes with us and start changing the mindset at your facility, starting with shift handover, to get your workers home safely after every shift: ------ Every time a plant worker comes home at the end of a long shift, family members breathe a sigh of relief. Once again, they’ve avoided the risks and dangers associated with industrial work. An internal study of 50 Industrial Accidents from the last 35 years demonstrates the devastating cost of human procedural error. - 321 fatalities - 1165 injuries - $151, 480, 171, 962.32 US dollars - Long term damage to brand, trust, and reputation From earth-shattering accidents to untimely shut downs and deteriorating conditions, informed workers are a critical part of the layers of protection that keep you, your communities, and your business safe. A Shift Excellence mindset provides comfort that workers come home to their families, shift after shift. In addition to peace of mind, shift excellence enables new levels of efficiency in information gathering. And Increases the effectiveness of communication among workers. Tapping directly into their knowledge and expertise. Digitizing the manual and automatic logging of shift events that workers evaluate empowers this mindset and provides contextual visibility to other plant systems of record. Workers don’t have to rely on complex and ineffective reporting based on paper records and spreadsheets to keep them safe. Shift Handovers are efficient, complete, clear and effective. - reducing risk, - meeting regulatory standards, - improving uptime. In the Control Room, Operator effectiveness increases significantly with Operator’s areas of responsibility and the automated and manual logging of events. Within the process units, workers digitally record and track events using mobile devices. Their activity is coordinated, and they take actions with real-time knowledge of the plant. Supervisors focused on Shift Excellence can count on the detection and escalation of hazardous conditions and react based on a clear, up-to-date view of their facilities. Transitioning from one shift to another, teams review the Shift Handover Report, address any anomalies, approve, and sign off based on their role. Continuity is maintained, and incoming workers are ready to make informed decisions as soon as they start their shift. In addition to the safety benefits, Shift Excellence also offers business leaders valuable insights remotely and at geographical scale including an overall improvement in OPEX. Visually show on screen Person in suit and tie accessing info outside the plant - Coordinate operations and maintenance - Improve operational efficiencies - Improve production performance - Decreased production costs - Improved Operator Utilization - Reduction in downtime Shift Excellence is the catalyst to improve processes and outcomes at every level; from the field operators through upper management. Aligning shift-to-shift communication gives workers and managers clarity to operate with excellence, ensuring everyone comes home at the end of their shift.