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How AFRY leveraged PIPESTRESS for Nuclear Plant Maintenance?

In an ambitious move towards achieving carbon neutrality by 2045, Sweden is undertaking significant initiatives to expand its energy production capabilities. The country, already a leader in clean energy through its reliance on hydro, renewable sources, and nuclear energy, is planning to add up to 10 new nuclear reactors by 2045. This strategic shift reflects the growing acceptance of nuclear energy as a green energy source across Europe.

AFRY, an international engineering, design, and advisory firm, is at the forefront of this transformation. With a strong commitment to digitalization and sustainability, AFRY is playing a crucial role in ensuring the long-term integrity and safety of nuclear power plants. As Sweden prepares for an increase in nuclear energy production, AFRY’s expertise is proving indispensable.

The Necessity of Customized Software for Nuclear Sector Challenges

Maintaining nuclear plants involves overcoming numerous challenges, particularly in ensuring the integrity and safety of piping systems. To address these challenges, AFRY utilizes PIPESTRESS, a comprehensive calculation system tailored specifically for nuclear piping codes. PIPESTRESS enables AFRY to effectively design, maintain, and upgrade complex piping systems within nuclear plants.

Ensuring Safety and Compliance with PIPESTRESS

Nuclear plants house extensive piping systems that require regular analysis and adjustments to accommodate new loads and system changes. For instance, replacing components such as valves necessitates a thorough evaluation of the system’s integrity. Henrik Lysemark, AFRY’s Business Unit Manager, emphasizes the importance of rigorous safety analyses to ensure compliance with current standards. PIPESTRESS plays a vital role in these analyses, ensuring that piping systems subjected to both normal and complex loads remain secure and functional.

AFRY’s selection of PIPESTRESS is driven by several key benefits:

  1. Enhanced Safety: PIPESTRESS provides reliable and detailed analyses, enhancing the safety of nuclear piping systems.
  2. Precise Calculations: The software allows for precise calculations in complex scenarios using nuclear-specific codes.
  3. Compliance Maintenance: PIPESTRESS helps maintain compliance with safety standards effectively.
  4. Prolonged Component Life: The software assists in prolonging the life of aging nuclear plant components through meticulous checks.

With these capabilities, PIPESTRESS has become an industry standard, particularly for its compatibility with ASME codes and its advanced dynamic capabilities crucial for floor response and time history analysis.

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