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How Norconsult Streamlined Project Delivery and Fostered Innovation with iConstruct™

Norconsult, a leading Norwegian multidisciplinary engineering and design consultancy, has significantly impacted the European market and a global footprint. With various expertise across project lifecycles, Norconsult consistently delivers customized solutions to both public and private sector clients. The company focuses on staying ahead of customer demands, proactively innovating and addressing the evolving complexity of project requirements. 

Challenges and Goals

Norconsult's journey into digital transformation was driven by the need to enhance service delivery and foster innovation.  

Key challenges included:

  • Managing the structure and flow of information  
  • Effectively transferring and consuming digital data  
  • Addressing the limited workforce available for projects  

The company aimed to integrate sustainability into every project while efficiently utilizing its workforce. This required leveraging technology to structure data effectively from the outset, enabling diverse insights extraction. 

How the Adoption of iConstruct Helped?

To overcome these challenges, Norconsult chose iConstruct, a solution that marked a substantial shift from traditional drawing-based deliveries to a more efficient, digital system. Several factors influenced this decision: 

  • Seamless Integration: iConstruct integrated all required information into digital deliveries, eliminating the need for drawings or PDFs. 
  • Technical Support: Hands-on assistance from Hexagon facilitated smooth implementation. 
  • Customization Capability: iConstruct’s customization options allowed Norconsult to tailor the solution to its specific needs. 

Implementation and Results 

The implementation of iConstruct led to substantial improvements: 

  • Enhanced Quality of Deliveries: Metadata quality surpassed previous standards, addressing on-site construction issues arising from outdated or inaccessible data.
  • Issue Reduction: On-site issues decreased by approximately 59%.
  • Decreased Dependence on Drawings: The need for drawings was reduced by about 95%.
  • Integration of Comprehensive Information: The solution eliminated non-value-added work involved in merging various data layers. 

These outcomes highlighted notable enhancements in both the quality and efficiency of Norconsult's project deliveries.

Looking Forward 

Norconsult emphasizes the ongoing need for flexible tools and effective data management at all stages of a project. The company aims to leverage digital twins and machine learning to enhance data integration from construction to operation and maintenance. Tools like iConstruct, with their two-way functionality, are essential for seamless data integration and long-term learning. 


The adoption of iConstruct has enabled Norconsult to introduce new delivery methods and achieve exceptional quality levels. By embracing innovation and pushing boundaries, the company ensures that its projects meet current requirements and embrace future advancements. As Norconsult continues to navigate complex workflows, iConstruct remains a critical asset, providing a safety net that ensures project success and fosters continuous improvement. 

To know more about the customer story, read the full case study here 

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