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Digitizing Shift Operations with AW North Carolina

Learn how you could also Drive Shift Excellence like AW North Carolina:

InSource, a partner of j5 (now part of Hexagon PPM), worked with AW North Carolina to digitize their shift operations management using j5 solutions. Hear AW North Carolina's General Manager (IT), John Peterson, and Chief Information Technology Architect, Josh Humphrey, share how it worked for them and where they are now.


Right now, we are digitizing that automation in and around MES in particular to help to make the manufacturing operation more efficient.

It also allows us to understand our line leadership, are they approving when they should be approving? It's also really helped with our shift handovers. Understanding what happened on the shift before can really help the current shift tackle the problems that they may see. Utilizing the the j5 forms, we can now get that data, digital at the point of entry, whether that's from the MES system or typed in by the operator. So the problem with the paper form: we didn't know if they were using it right or wrong. If there was nothing on it, obviously they weren't using it... OR the line was running perfectly. We had no idea. So now we're able to understand: are they using our MES system? And are they confirming the data? That's one of the the KPIs we're tracking now. At first they were hesitant because now we knew exactly what was going on in the line and we had a big brother that was kind of watching and could tell the true story. But when they realize that now their overtime is reduced and then they get to go home early because we're collecting all this data to improve the lines performance. They really started adopting it.