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Achieve Digital Excellence in Operations with AspenTech and Hexagon

Learn more about the AspenTech and Hexagon Digital Excellence partnership: Engineering success is often measured in different ways to operations success, but to achieve this in the process and manufacturing industries, a unified digital approach can provide greater achievements for both key functions. Engineering success includes finishing projects to a high standard, under budget and within the defined project schedules. For asset owners and operators, success includes reducing operational risk, increasing efficiency, meeting compliance and minimizing costs whilst maximizing ROI. AspenTech and Hexagon are strengthening their partnership to enable mutual customers to become more successful in both engineering and operations with joint value Digital Excellence solutions. On the engineering side a combined solution is being developed to execute Front-End Engineering Design (FEED) projects seamlessly from simulation to basic design, with the associated economics enabling the best designs for the lowest cost. With Digital Excellence solutions, the data created in the engineering and design phase is leveraged into the operational phase where the physical design created in Hexagon solutions is merged with the manufacturing data from AspenTech solutions to support process activities such as condition based monitoring, executive and field insights, management of change, predictive maintenance optimization, simulation and training and situational response. At the end of a plant’s lifecycle there is not a straight line from concept to demolition, it is a circle as production changes are made. Digital Excellence solutions can continually cycle the data into the front end and are used to make the required engineering design changes and ultimately the right operational decisions. Engineering companies and asset owners and operators are always looking to increase their margins and be competitive in the ever-changing manufacturing and process industries. Digital Twin is a buzzword, but the concept only works with real-world practical solutions that offer measurable and increased value to all parties. AspenTech and Hexagon have both worked closely with industry leaders to understand what is required to get true value from the digital transformation of industrial processes. These established companies are now offering combined Digital Excellence solutions to add even more value to their joint customers. These solutions benefit both the engineering teams and those who continually manage the operation of facilities.