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The Anatomy of More Profitable Projects: Leveraging Data to Maximize ROI

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Among the most fundamental challenges facing businesses today is ensuring profitability is not only sustained but also grows with time. Project-driven organizations are faced with choices that, if made incorrectly, could be devastating to their bottom line or even solvency. The question then becomes how to consistently make the right strategic AND tactical decisions to guarantee project ROI and positive business outcomes.

To ensure those choices positively impact returns, organizations must be enabled to leverage data and standardized processes as a crystal ball to inform decision-making. Unfortunately, this is often not the way organizations are structured, which negatively affects performance. Join us as we explore a full-lifecycle approach to ensuring your data provides the transparency needed for success across all projects.
In this webinar, we’ll discuss how to:
  • Choose projects that align with your financial and strategic goals  
  • Save time and money by simplifying your technology landscape  
  • Increase predictability to reduce cost overruns 
  • Leverage automation and ERP integration to glean more accurate data  
  • Facilitate clear communication and exchange of information