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The Connected Worker

What can a connected worker strategy do for you?

For your font-line workers, a day in the field can seem like being stranded on a deserted island. Connecting workers back to colleagues, and the information they need, shouldn’t be a search-and-rescue operation. Hexagon PPM connects workers, leveraging the technology they already know and use. The mobility features of cell phones and tablets are the first step in a long-term connected worker strategy.

With 50 years of experience serving the Process Industry, we deliver the results you expect. At Hexagon, we’ve built a solid mobility-based platform you can use now while, at the same time, we’re developing the cutting-edge technologies of tomorrow for a Connected Worker strategy that grows with you.

Personalized interfaces give people the right tools and user experience to do their jobs. Field technicians link with experts, resources, and information to resolve pressing issues. Locating equipment, parts, and tools is as easy as finding showtimes at the local theater. Connected workers collaborate using pictures, videos and messages to update each other, engage experts, and make decisions. Unplanned shut-downs are resolved with minimal damage by an empowered front line that can assess the situation, isolate the issue, and keep the plant online.

Front line workers eliminate hours of time consuming searches with the mobile devices they love, working and collaborating in new ways. Supervisors at their desks, in the control room, and in the field are connected to their workforce, and to plant operations. Management gets the productivity and reliability they demand. Across the board, a connected workforce increases safety and makes operations more predictable. Based on an interoperable platform, we build on your existing investments and connect you to information in silos across your enterprise. Familiar mobile interfaces eliminate excessive setup and training, getting you off the island and onto the next wave, fast!

Mobility is a low-risk step to huge returns and a long-term connected worker strategy for operators, technicians, supervisors, and management.

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