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Unite O&M, Safety, Engineering & Real-time Data on OSIsoft™ Vision™

Learn more about this breakthrough digital solution for the process industries:

Isn’t it time to unite your operations, maintenance, safety, engineering and real-time data with a digital operational twin?

Hexagon has developed a unique and powerful solution which combines human operations procedures, maintenance work orders, real-time and historical process data, engineering diagrams and technical documentation on one digital platform.

This means those responsible for the operation, maintenance and safety of hazardous facilities are better informed and can react more quickly when safety-critical events occur. Dangerous trends and incidents can be discovered and acted upon with unified communication across teams. Follow-up human procedures managed by j5 Operations Management Software - which are configured in the spreadsheet-like j5 IndustraForm® Designer - can be connected to process data anomalies highlighted by the OSIsoft® PI System®.

Personnel can quickly find important information related to a particular process unit or piece of equipment, when resolving an ongoing incident using the intuitive HxGN SDx® Info Map. When time is critical this allows j5 Operations Logbook entries, P&IDs, User Manuals, SAP® PM Work Orders and OSIsoft PI System real-time and historical process data to be quickly found on one HxGN SDx platform and even on one screen in PI Vision®.

After a safety-critical event, incoming shift workers will be fully informed using j5 Shift Handover and the maintenance team will have quick access to key operational and engineering information related to their remedial SAP PM Work Orders through the HxGN SDx platform. This leads to interdepartmental clarity when investigating incidents and avoiding time wasting double work. Making the “Single Version of the Truth” concept a reality.

Important information is easily shared on the HxGN SDx platform, allowing your employees to operate a safe facility and be proud of their unified culture of hazard prevention and control across the plant. Senior employees can inspire and lead this continuous improvement philosophy by sharing their experience and knowledge in a structured manner to help prevent future incidents. Their documented knowledge transfer to junior employees can help mitigate hazards when complex issues arise when they are not on shift.

Safety-critical events highlighted by the operations, maintenance and safety teams can be quickly escalated to plant management. Senior Executives can also track the performance of their assets efficiently by enabling Digital Twin visuals inside HxGN SDx. Problem areas can be quickly viewed using 3D Models and Laser Scans and the information related to malfunctioning equipment and OSIsoft PI Tags is easily accessible on the HxGN SDx Info Map. This increased visibility from the plant floor to the boardroom positively impacts company-wide safety culture, production efficiency and ultimately the bottom line of the balance sheet.

The powerful combination of j5 Operations Management Software human procedures, SAP PM Work Orders, OSIsoft PI System real-time and historical process data, HxGN SDx engineering diagrams and technical documentation along with 3D Models and Laser Scans enables a comprehensive Operational Twin. Hexagon’s digital solutions empower our customers to break down the walls of siloed information. One of them - Michael Fry from Deepwater Subsea – is embracing digital transformation initiatives to ensure drilling rigs are compliant to the safety regulations introduced after the Deepwater Horizon disaster in 2010 which devastated those involved, their families and the wider community.