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Improving Pipe Stress Analysis with ASME B31J Standard

Q&A Document

Piping engineers rely on accurate stress analysis to build, assess, and report on piping systems to ensure plant safety throughout its operation. To achieve this, efficient solutions adhering to the latest code guidelines and standards must be used.

Produce more accurate results in your stress analyses using the ASME B31J code standard that is required by the 2020 editions of ASME B31 piping codes and can be used with any metallic piping code for improved flexibility and stress analysis. Discover how the more applicable data defined in the B31J can help ensure safer systems while minimizing potential for failures.

Join us during this webinar as we demonstrate the new expanded capabilities in CAESAR II 13 designed to support the required and optional B31J inputs, discuss the enhanced output reports, and review the differences in interpretation between the original standards and the B31J requirements, including the Sustained Stress Index.

Meet the Presenter



    Nadia Strikovski
    Principal Software Lead - CAESAR II