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PV Elite Webinar: Introduction to Heat Exchanger Modeling - Part 2

PV Elite Webinar Part 2: Introduction to Heat Exchanger Modeling

As defined by the ASME standard, a heat exchanger is a single-chamber pressure vessel that exchanges energy with the surrounding atmosphere. It is a system used to transfer heat from one fluid to another and from hot to a cold medium.

Heat exchangers come in many types and are the backbone for various industries, but most are designed as unfired pressure vessels. Due to their complexity, modeling and troubleshooting them must be done with care to prevent design delays and errors. Because of this, pressure vessel engineers need solutions that can expedite their heat exchanger designs and be versatile while doing so.

Join us during this webinar and discover how the shell and tube heat exchanger comprising a cylindrical shell houses a number of tubes internally. Learn what is known at a fixed heat exchanger and be guided step by step through its construction.

Meet the Presenters


     Kristin Coyle
     Product Owner - PV Elite, Hexagon PPM

Kristin Coyle is a Product Owner for Hexagon PPM’s PV Elite solution, working on many improvements to the program including the Fitness for Service feature. She also supports customer service requests for PV Elite and the tank analysis software TANK. In addition, she is the QA manager of PV Elite. She also serves on the API 579/ASME FFS Code Committee for Fitness for Service as a Contributing Member for General Metal Loss, Local Metal Loss, Pitting, and Crack-like Flaws.   


    Ray Delaforce
    Technical Support Engineer - PV Elite, Hexagon PPM

Ray Delaforce joined Hexagon in 2003 as a Technical Support Engineer & Developer. Currently he serves as senior support engineer for Hexagon’s leading pressure vessel design and analysis tool, PV Elite. His duties include training in the use of PV Elite software. Along with speaking at a number of leading industry events & conferences, Ray is also a registered Professional Technologist Mechanical with The Engineering Council of South Africa (ECSA).