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The Power of Flexibility in Projects Performance

Large engineering and construction projects and portfolios contain complexity unlike those of other industries.  And because of this, despite efforts to plan, standardize and control, project-driven organizations face a constant erosion of returns and margins.

Whether facing internal challenges or external shocks, best-practice organizations are looking for flexibility within their processes and their tools.  The aim is to build capabilities that deliver actionable intelligence faster so organizations are more agile, more responsive and more economically successful in the face of change.

In this webinar, we discuss: 

  • How flexibility contributes to improved projects performance, returns and margins 
  • Goals for designing a flexible system 
  • Using flexible software tools to achieve organizational goals 

We'll conclude with a demonstration of the EcoSys Enterprise Project Performance platform that will showcase how these principles of flexibility can be easily realized in practice. 

About EcoSys

Part of the Hexagon PPM portfolio of products, EcoSys is the Enterprise Project Performance software platform that helps projects-driven organizations align and manage organizational strategy and project/contract execution. By increasing visibility into performance and predictability across the full life cycle of projects and portfolios, EcoSys helps you identify what drives project and organizational success, and take proactive measures to maximize returns and margins.