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Three Automation Systems Challenges and How to Solve for Them

Operational Technology environments have become incredibly complex, with thousands of endpoints, hundreds of integrated applications, tens of thousands of sensors and more interoperability than ever before. This combination of greater complexity and continual change leaves facilities vulnerable to the effects of undocumented and unapproved changes to system configuration.

To optimize the management of these complex automation system configurations to improve asset and system performance, reduce operational risk with fewer trips that cause unplanned downtime due to bad configurations and increase the reliability and availability at the device level owner/operators must have a method to collect and contextualize ICS configurations from the sensor to the cloud and automate change management.

In this 30-minute on-demand webinar we’ll look at three automation system use cases:

  • ICS Change Management – validating authorized changes and detecting unauthorized changes 
  • Interoperability of OT Assets – ensuring changes don’t have a negative domino effect to other systems  
  • Reliability – how to identify configuration design defects