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Seven Steps of Alarm Management: Part One – The Alarm Philosophy

Step One

The field of alarm management concerns itself with alarms and notifications being presented to a console operator as they go about monitoring processes. The goal of effective alarm management is to make sure those signals are appropriate for what they are doing, effective in showing the need for intervention and essential so as not to overwhelm the operator with an abundance of alarms. 

Hexagon has developed a seven-step process for effective alarm management. In this first on-demand session, we’ll dive into step one: The Alarm Philosophy Document. This is the most important and fundamental document of alarm management. The Alarm Philosophy Document describes the goals of what we want to achieve in the process or project and how we’re going to achieve them. 

Watch now to learn about the content that ISA/IEC requires and recommends including when putting together your comprehensive, detailed Alarm Philosophy Document. 

About the Author

Brian Nixon received a Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Computer Science from Rose-Hulman Institute of Technology. His early career was as a process/plant engineer in the process industries, including agricultural processing, specialty chemical manufacturing and plastics compounding. He then transitioned into control systems consulting, business development and software product management roles. He is currently a Senior Strategy & Enablement Consulting Lead with Hexagon's Asset Lifecycle Intelligence division.

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