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Seven Steps of Alarm Management: Part Two - Baseline and Bad Actor Resolution

Step Two and Three

In the first webinar in this series for the Seven Steps of Alarm Management, we looked at The Alarm Philosophy Document. Now that you have your guidance document, the next step is to look at the alarm management problems. Notably, you need to keep your alarms in range so that they are not missed, and operators can respond effectively. 

In this second session, Senior Strategy & Enablement Consulting Lead, Brian Nixon, discusses steps two and three of the alarm management process: alarm analysis benchmark and bad actor alarm resolution. By understanding the performance of your current system, you can start benchmarking and putting together measurable metrics to solve problems. One of the most common challenges of an alarm system is bad actor alarms, including noisemakers and nuisance alarms. 

Watch this on-demand session to learn how to build alarm metrics around a console operator’s position to increase the operator’s overall confidence in the alarm system. 

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