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Fiatech Project Information Flow (PIF) Project Update

The Fiatech Project Information Flow (PIF) project is looking at pragmatic ways to improve the transfer of information from engineering to fabrication and construction and ultimately to owner/operator handover.

Currently within the piping discipline, the traditional handover deliverable is the piping isometric, which is generated through software in the design model, dumbed down to a PDF and then issued to fabrication and construction teams. Once handed over, the recipient must re-extract the information needed before it can be used in other tools, resulting in incorrect fabrication, delays and additional costs.

This webinar offers alternatives to what is currently being done with information flow in piping. You will learn how the PIF project work revolved around defining the key data used in handover and how Intergraph® has taken two significant actions:

  1. The PCF format has been opened up and made available for all software vendors to use
  2. The PCF format has been extended; the so-called Super PCF includes new fields requested by industry stakeholders.