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Optimize Your Pipe Shop Fabrication Planning Process with Intergraph Spoolgen

Learn about the latest release of Intergraph Spoolgen®

Learn more about Hexagon’s pipe fabrication solution, Intergraph Spoolgen 9.2. This consolidation release builds on the new cloud-ready architecture for managing piping data.

Spoolgen covers pipe shop fabrication planning. The digital piping chain allows data to flow seamlessly from design to fabrication and on to construction. Receiving digital piping data from design, fabricators can adjust the data to fit their pipe shop facilities without changing the design.

Intergraph Smart® Isometrics, which is included with Spoolgen, can also be linked to the new Spoolgen web API.

Spoolgen now allows the user to:

  • Assign welds to the field
  • Create new welds in long pipe
  • Add pipe supports, couplings and other annotation
  • React to changes in design smoothly by automatically replaying edits on revised data
  • Produce multiple drawings, including spool drawings using embedded Isogen

And for EPCs, with this new release, you can now:

  • Manage sub-contractors

This webinar provides a quick overview of Spoolgen’s key functionality, focusing on new features and a growing list of benefits and features.

Meet the Presenter


     Jim Edwards
     Executive Product Manager, Hexagon