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OT/ICS Cybersecurity: You Can't Protect What You Can't See

Operational Technology/Industrial Control System (OT/ICS) Inventory encompasses endpoints, or components of an endpoint, that have a model number, serial number, or version number. This includes hardware, firmware and software running in the OT/ICS environment. The systems to be included in your OT/ICS inventory should include DCS, PLC, SIS, Vibration Monitoring, Fire and Gas Systems, Burner Management Systems, Advanced Process Control, Turbine Machinery Controller, Compressor Controls, Historians, Protective Relays, Smart Instrumentation, Operator Stations, Engineering Stations, Switches, Routers, Firewalls, etc.

Learn how to attain a comprehensive asset inventory that captures vital data from level 0 – level 3.5 of the Purdue Model to not only improve your cybersecurity posture but also your day-to-day operations.

Key areas of discussion:

  • How a good OT/ICS inventory helps reduce risk and improves plant operations
  • How passive network monitoring cannot identify 100% of OT/ICS endpoints
  • Where common inventory blind spots occur and how to overcome them