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The Confident Project Executive

Capital projects are incredibly complex and expectations for the project organization have never been higher. Yet, too often project leaders are not empowered with the processes and tools to accurately know what’s happening or to proactively improve project outcomes. In this webinar, we’ll discuss the challenges being faced and the path to project success that can make both you and your organization a champion.

Attendees will learn:

  • WHY developing an enterprise project performance (EPP) approach is critical to improved business and project outcomes
  • WHAT technological capabilities are essential to achieving high predictability and driving digital transformation
  • HOW to achieve organizational, project, and personal success through an iterative approach to addressing your PMO’s most critical needs



   Mark White
   Senior VP, Enterprise Project Performance
   Hexagon PPM



About EcoSys

From Hexagon's PPM division, EcoSys is the Enterprise Project Performance software platform that helps project-driven organizations align and manage organizational strategy and project/contract execution. By increasing visibility into performance and predictability across the full life cycle of projects and portfolios, EcoSys helps you identify what drives project and organizational success, and take proactive measures to maximize returns and margins.