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The Digital Transformation of Capital Projects (EPP)

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Despite considerable attention, large capital projects continue to suffer significant cost and schedule overruns. Complexity and today’s dynamic economic, regulatory and cultural forces only exacerbate the situation. To deliver efficiency and expected returns on investment, companies are digitally transforming their processes to adopt a data-driven planning and execution approach. Success here yields improved major capital asset and critical infrastructure project performance while reducing as much risk as possible. 

Watch the replay as we discuss: 

  • Key learnings from ERP systems, and why they aren’t your project performance solution 
  • How innovations in digital twins and digital threads enable visibility and insights that drive better decision making 
  • A pathway to maturing project portfolio management and project delivery to achieve expected financial returns 
  • The criticality of strong change management and its ripple effect on performance 

Participants will gain insights into leadership of digital transformation aimed at greater efficiency, predictability and control of your organization’s capital projects. 

Meet the Presenters

    Daniel Newton
    Senior Manager, Infrastructure & Capital Projects
    Deloitte Financial Advisory



   Mark Nelson
    Director, Project Portfolio Management