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The Latest in Smart Materials MobileScan + BlueCats Technology

Bring Intergraph Smart® Materials out of the office and into the hands of the warehouse, laydown area and site users. To help make this possible, Hexagon PPM offers Smart Materials MobileScan, a proven, automated, intelligent, simple, reliable, and flexible barcode, QR code, Bluetooth and RFID materials management solution.

MobileScan is fully integrated with Smart Materials and fully compatible with various Android and iOS. Starting with MobileScan 5. we our partnership with BlueCats allows MobileScan to offer new exciting features around track and trace and map visualizations.

Find your materials faster with features like:

  • Proximity search – reduce search times
  • Real-time location – find assets in real-time, indoors or outdoors
  • Yard Asset location – eliminate costly and length yard hunts with GPS locations

Register for this webinar to learn more about Hexagon PPM’s MobileScan and the enablement hardware digital tools of BlueCats.

Meet the Presenters

Meet Guido!   

     Guido Hufer
     Product Owner Smart Materials, Hexagon PPM

Meet Patrick!   

     Patrick McGowan
     Global Director Business Development, BlueCats