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Maintaining Operational Excellence in Manufacturing: A Data-Driven Approach

Join us for part one of our three-part series, ‘Future-Proofing Manufacturing: A Roadmap to Resilience and Efficiency.’   
This on-demand webinar discusses how to maintain operational excellence in manufacturing through a data-driven approach. Join Scott MacKenzie, Host of the Industrial Talk Podcast and Neil Singh, Senior Strategy Enablement Consultant Lead at Hexagon, as they unpack the need for a cultural shift towards data-dependent decision-making and the influential role of technology in this transformative process.   
  • How investments in foundational technologies, such as real-time monitoring systems and connected worker solutions, are critical to high-quality data capture.  
  • How to build strategic technology investments and sustainable digital operating models into long-term business plans.  
  • The importance of embracing and celebrating successes and instances of data-driven changes to encourage a data-driven culture.  
  • Why effective data management is necessary to deal with the challenges of managing large amounts of industrial data.  
Gain industry insights focused on creating a more resilient, data-driven business.