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Addressing Industries' Pain Points with CADWorx 23: Enhanced Compatibility and Streamlined Design Workflows

In today's competitive landscape, industries face numerous challenges when it comes to CAD design and engineering. In this blog post, we will explore how CADWorx ® 23 Plant Design Suite addresses industry pain points and enhances productivity through improved compatibility, stability and optimized workflows.

Stability and Dependability:

Experience a more reliable and efficient experience. Hexagon has taken a more customer-centric approach to development; this ensures that bugs or issues reported by customers are addressed in a timely manner, resulting in a higher-quality release. By resolving these concerns, CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite delivers a more reliable and efficient experience to users across industries.

Seamless Integration with Latest CAD Platforms:

Take full advantage of the new features and functionalities provided by BricsCAD® v23 and AutoCAD® 2023 and 2024 right now. This means that there is no longer a need to wait for service packs or updates to ensure CADWorx compatibility with the latest CAD platforms. The CADWorx Suite allows users to immediately leverage the benefits and advancements of the latest CAD platforms without any delays, providing a cutting-edge design environment.

Improvements and Flexibility in Equipment Design:

The CADWorx Plant Design Suite sees significant improvements in various modules with the latest release. The 2D REP module has been refactored, resulting in improved performance and increased stability. Moreover, CADWorx Equipment introduces the capability to attach generic nozzles, offering more flexibility in equipment design and modeling. These enhancements empower engineers and designers to create more intricate and accurate designs, meeting industry-specific requirements.

Streamlined Design Processes:

CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite responds to user feedback by simplifying the creation of consistent and accurate designs. One way we’re providing this is by adding the ability to inherit process line numbers from PIDVIEW to Plant Modelling, reducing manual effort and ensuring design coherence. Additionally, the PIDVIEW module includes the ability to insert components matching specific types and selected property values, thereby enhancing productivity and accuracy during the design process.

Enhanced Usability and Configuration:

Discover new capabilities to further automate workflows. Users can now load CFG (configuration) files from the command line for Plant, Structure, Equipment, and P&ID modules, streamlining setup and configuration for a more efficient workflow. The CDR publishing options now support all CADWorx Equipment component type properties, enabling comprehensive 3D and BIM project publishing. Furthermore, a new command line feature allows users to change the Bill of Materials (BOM) template across the CADWorx Plant Design suite, simplifying the configuration process.


This release of CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite aims to deliver an enhanced CAD environment, addressing industry pain points and empowering engineers and designers with increased compatibility, stability, and optimized workflow capabilities. By incorporating valuable features and addressing customer concerns, the solution enables our users to achieve higher productivity and efficiency during the whole project life cycle. With CADWorx 23 Plant Design Suite, design teams can overcome all the above challenges and streamline their workflows.

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