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Bechtel Named in Fortune’s 25 Most Important Private Companies List

Congratulations Bechtel! We’re thrilled to see Bechtel in Fortune’s 25 Most Important Private Companies list. The list includes private companies who have a deep connection to our daily lives, and what has a deeper connection to all of our daily lives than the environment and infrastructure around us? We rely on the infrastructure around us for everything from providing buildings for us to live and work in to safe transportation, having clean drinking water and much more. The projects needed to build, restore and maintain this type of critical infrastructure across the globe are extremely complex and often cost billions of dollars.

This is where Bechtel comes in. Bechtel is perhaps the world’s leading builder of one-of-a-kind megaprojects. They’ve worked on such epic projects as the Hoover Dam and the Trans-Arabian Pipeline.

A recent McKinsey report found that innovation and productivity gains in the construction industry have been meager compared to the advancements of other industries, due to a number of factors ranging from poor organization and inadequate communication to flawed performance management, contractual misunderstandings, and poor planning. Yet today, despite being an over 100 year old company, Bechtel is among the leading innovators in the construction industry and is renowned for expertly controlling projects and driving productivity.

We’re proud to be providing the project controls technology that assists Bechtel in these achievements.