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Digitizing Diversity: How BIM, Remote Working and Other Tech Create Inclusivity Opportunity in Construction

Cathi Hayes, Vice President Portfolio Strategy and Sales Enablement for Hexagon’s PPM division, focuses on creating transformative technology that helps building contractors achieve greater success in managing complex construction projects via the cloud through the adoption of leading-edge pre-construction planning and field execution productivity solutions.

At the Groundbreaking Women in Construction (GWIC) Conference on May 5, Hayes will bring her expertise to a panel discussion that will examine the concurrent shifts towards diversity and digitalization in the construction industry. As a leading voice on building information modeling (BIM) throughout the global construction industry – with architecture degrees from North Carolina State University and the University of Kansas – Hayes will share valuable thoughts on As-Builting, analysis of data, construction layout, advanced robotics, progress monitoring, augmented reality and Scan to BIM.

The panel discussion is scheduled from 1:30-2:30 PM ET.

The adoption of technology such as BIM, off-site development and premanufacturing, on-site robotics, remote collaboration tools and virtual/augmented reality can open new opportunities for inclusion by eliminating physical, age, geographic and gender barriers. How will these technologies help the industry recruit and retain women and other diverse groups to amplify innovation and creativity in the hybrid virtual/real construction environment?

Register today for the panel discussion and learn:
• What are the opportunities in construction for women and diverse groups?
• How can adoption of these technologies change perspectives about diversity in construction?
• What is the role of companies, educational institutes and community organizations to encourage, recruit and retain women and diversity in construction?
• Why do we need more women in the construction industry? How can woman and diverse groups enrich and empower construction?
• How can having Gen X, Y and Z along with Baby Boomers working together enrich the construction workforce; what are the challenges and the opportunities?

Moderating the GWIC panel discussion will be Mona Afifi, Assistant Professor, Construction Management, University of Wisconsin – Stout.

Panelists include:

  • Cathi Hayes, Vice President Portfolio Strategy and Sales Enablement, Hexagon PPM. Follow Cathi on Twitter: @CathiHey
  • Nancy Novak, Chief Innovation Officer, Compass Datacenters
  • Cara Wilczynski, Customer Outcome Executive, Autodesk Construction Cloud

Contact Hexagon today to learn more about our solutions and programs as they relate to digitizing diversity and “How BIM, Remote Working and Other Tech Create Opportunities for Inclusivity in Construction.”

About the Author

Brian is an experienced corporate marketing, sales, consulting services and engineering professional with more than 39 years working with engineering systems supporting the AEC industry. He has worked on design teams in: wastewater treatment, petrochemical, fossil fuel and nuclear power plant, product design and manufacturing facilities, utilities, biotech, pharmaceutical and government lab facilities and transportation. He is degreed in computer aided drafting and design, graduating Suma Cum Laude from Johnson and Wales University and is also certified in mechanical engineering technology, graduating Suma Cum Laude from Sawyer School.

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